Marlow Film Studios Announces Plans for Local Brompton Bike Hire Scheme
Proposed state-of-the-art filmmaking facility, Marlow Film Studios is concluding a partnership with Brompton, UK’s largest bike manufacturer, to provide a new bike hire scheme.

The partnership will give studio staff and crew access to the innovative folding bicycles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as part of the Studios’ commitment to its sustainable transport strategy and support its modal shift objective.

The ambition is to expand the offer into the local community, with potential for a Brompton docking station bike hub at Marlow Train Station, and further extension into Marlow town and Bourne End.

As the UK’s most widespread bike hire scheme, Brompton’s Bike Hire provides accessible compact folding bikes in over 85 diverse locations across the country, including Manchester, Jersey, Birmingham and London. Similar partnerships have had incredible impacts, reporting one third of bike-hire customers join the scheme to specifically trial cycling as a part of their regular journeys, and one-in-five members of all bike-hire members go on to become regular cyclists.

Brompton Bicycle’s hire scheme runs Wheels for Heroes, a social project for low-income households, and works closely with organisations like the NHS and Clarion House to create a modal shift towards more sustainable forms of travel.

Commenting on the partnership, Marlow Film Studios CEO, Robert Laycock said: “Alongside our efforts to build a home for British filmmaking in the heart of Buckinghamshire, we also want to make sure our studio plans benefit the local community in every way we can.

Brompton Bicycles are the perfect partner for us to encourage a sustainable approach to transport around the studio site and within the local community.

Research by the CoMoUK earlier this year reported the positive impact bike-share schemes are currently having in the UK. Highlighting in particular the environmental, economic and social benefits that stem from promoting sustainable and inclusive transportation.

Riding a bike is the most sustainable form of transport, and we’re thrilled to be making this more accessible to the local area through our proposed partnership with Brompton.”

Will Butler-Adams OBE, Managing Director of Brompton Bicycles said: “Brompton is delighted to be supporting Marlow Film Studios and being able to advise them so early in the planning process to ensure sustainable transport is baked into the project. The majority of Brompton Hire journeys are combined with rail travel so I believe having Brompton Hire available will act as a catalyst for people to travel to and from the Studios by rail and the new bus services being provided by Marlow Film Studios that will link to Cross Rail at Maidenhead, rather than by car. The studios are being very forward thinking by already considering how to ensure a significant modal shift away from driving.”

The bike hire scheme is among a number of initiatives forming part of a commitment to invest £750 million in creating a best-in-class film studio which would create over 4,000 jobs and prepare the next generation of filmmakers and associated craftspeople for the future.

A planning application for Marlow Film Studios is before Buckinghamshire Council and a decision is expected this autumn. The application, planned for with a total investment of £750 million has received over 3500 letters of support.
Brompton Bikes
Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Marlow Film Studios (ref: 22/06443/FULEA).

I am writing in support of the planning application for Marlow Film Studios, a new film and television studio located on land adjacent to Marlow and the A404, within the parish of Little Marlow.

The proposals will transform a low quality, neglected land infill site into a cultural and economic hub helping Buckinghamshire to sustain its role as a global centre for film and television production.

The studios are forecast to generate up to 4,180 jobs, with 2000 in the local community. It will generate £338m of economic activity per year, which will provide economic opportunities for local businesses and residents, which I fully support. Around two-thirds of production budgets are estimated to be spent in the local economy and associated supply chains which will further boost positive economic growth across Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas.

I support the education and skills commitments, including provision for traineeships, work experience and partnerships with local further and higher education institutes. The dedicated facilities for the proposed Education and Skills Academy which will provide significant opportunities for the younger generation to gain the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to support a future career in the creative industries. It will also help retain our young people in the area, providing them with more job opportunities in the creative sector and other businesses.

The studios will also fund the necessary improvements on the A404 access roads to Westhorpe roundabout into Marlow. The queue of traffic off the A404 at peak hours is already presenting a major safety risk, and the proposals put forward and funded by the Studios to improve traffic flows through widened roads and providing smart traffic lights will address this. The transport plan, prepared in coordination with Buckinghamshire Council, will improve connectivity through the creation of a new transport hub and two new bus services, including a direct and half-hourly bus between Maidenhead and High Wycombe and a new half hourly hopper service around Marlow, Little Marlow and Bourne End.

I also support the proposed Community Building, upgrades to cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, and delivery of a range of measures, including 25% of the site being used for public enjoyment and wildlife and additional offsite interventions, that aim to achieve a 20% biodiversity net gain in the natural environment within the local area. I believe this will add to local amenities in the area.

I believe that the Marlow Film Studios application delivers immense socio-economic benefits, meets the need for film and television facilities, achieves local and national government policy objectives, and adds to the co-location priorities of the West London Cluster.

For the reasons set out above in this letter, I believe very special circumstances are delivered to justify the granting of consent for Marlow Film Studios. I am keen to register my support.

Yours sincerely,
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