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Marlow Film Studios

World-leading, modern studios for the future of British filmmaking.

Supporting over 4,000 new creative sector and local jobs.

Generating economic growth and employment for Marlow,

High Wycombe, and wider Buckinghamshire.
Marlow Film Studios

World-leading, modern studios for the future of British filmmaking.

Supporting over 4,000 new creative sector and local jobs.

Generating economic growth and employment for Marlow, High Wycombe, and wider Buckinghamshire.
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Film and TV investment will enhance High Wycombe’s cultural heritage

Robert Laycock, CEO of Marlow Film Studios, gave a speech to the High Wycombe Society on Thursday 14 March – to celebrate and discuss the past, present and future of the local filmmaking industry and future possibilities for Marlow and High Wycombe.

The talk was timely – taking place in a week when Prime Minister Rishi Sunak praised “the UK’s success during awards season” and that this showed Britain’s “home grown talent is testament to the UK’s reputation as a film, TV and arts superpower.”

Robert highlighted the iconic creative history and culture of High Wycombe, particularly its tradition in crafts and design. He described this heritage as one of the reasons why Buckinghamshire has built such a powerful global reputation in film and TV production over many years, Robert set out the future opportunities for the UK film industry in Buckinghamshire. He pointed to local jobs, training and investment, and the chance for young people from the area to build fulfilling long-term careers in the creative sector. Bucks could be proud of what it has built over the years - and prouder of its potential future.

With other counties such as Hertfordshire capturing major new investment in their region, Robert was keen to emphasise the choice that Buckinghamshire and High Wycombe must make if they want to take advantage of these opportunities and provide the jobs that people want in the places they want them.

The plans for Marlow Film Studios have been developed to help fulfil this need and meet this challenge. The plans for the Studios include an on-site Education and Skills Academy to serve as a hub for both training on film productions, and for working with the outstanding local education institutions that are focused on this sector.

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Our story
In 2015, the UK overtook California in terms of the contribution it makes to the global film industry. By 2022 total spending on film production was almost £2bn per year, and the visual arts contributes over £12bn to the UK economy.

By 2026, an additional 6 million sq/ft of purpose-built studio space is needed in the UK to meet the demand in the sector. The new world-class technical studio space and facilities at Marlow will be a unique opportunity to meet this demand while securing Buckinghamshire’s leading role in the creative economy.

Our studios will provide cutting-edge technology, will bring thousands of new local jobs, and will expand opportunities for Buckinghamshire and the wider UK’s growing community of creative professionals.
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Why Marlow?
75% of the UK’s film and TV economy and employment is delivered in the area to the west of London, centred on Buckinghamshire. This is the culmination of over 80 years of local investment and training, and the result is an unparalleled ‘industry cluster’ of creative and technical excellence.

Our proposed site, east of Marlow, would be at the heart of this cluster, turning former gravel quarries into a new home for British film-making, and generating over 4,000 high tech and creative jobs in the local area.

The new studios would be adjacent to the A404 dual carriageway, with excellent transport links to the local towns, as well as to Reading, Beaconsfield, Oxford, London, and Heathrow Airport.

The left hand map shows the distances from Marlow Film Studios

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The left hand map shows the distances from Marlow Film Studios

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High-quality design & environmental enhancement
This will be a significant new development. The designs for Marlow Film Studios have been developed by Jason Prior of Prior & Partners, masterplanner of the London 2012 Olympic Park, alongside double Stirling Prize-winning architects Wilkinson Eyre.

The buildings across the studios area will be of high quality, and will feature living roofs, green walls, and solar panels. On and around the site, we will retain more than 80% of the existing trees, and we will plan for over 300 more, helping the project to achieve a biodiversity net gain of 20 per cent.
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07 Creative Skills Academy
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Improving traffic flows & investing local transport
The proposed site is well-connected, and our plans will improve the local transport network further. The studios will also fund the necessary improvements to the A404 access roads to Westhorpe roundabout into Marlow. These improvements will address the current safety risks from queues of traffic off the A404 at peak hours. The proposals put forward and funded by the Studios will improve traffic flows through widened roads and the use of smart traffic lights.

We will establish two new public bus services, linking up the Elizabeth Line at Maidenhead to High Wycombe, and offering local links between Marlow, Little Marlow, and Bourne End.

Additional local cycle routes will also be set up, and existing rights of way will be upgraded, all helping us to achieve our target cap of just 60% of single-occupant journeys to site being by car.

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Click to a video from Ian Dix, Senior Director of SLR Traffic Consultants, on the safety improvements proposed for the Westhorpe roundabout on the A404.

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Community & education
Marlow Film Studios will help to build the UK’s position as one of the world’s leading creative industry hubs – and will anchor this with investment in employment opportunities, reskilling, training and support for the local community.

We will provide expanded opportunities for the UK’s community of creative professionals, including a focus on growing diversity in the sector and supporting the local creative ecosystem through new training and education support initiatives.

We will work with local schools, colleges, and higher education bodies to support skills training and champion the wider creative sector in the region – and have already received support for our plans from Buckinghamshire’s leading education providers.

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Click to a video from Jenny Craig, CEO of Buckingshire College Group, on the skills and jobs opportunities that the studios represent for Bucks' young people

Drama Lesson
Employment & skills
The local workforce is integral to the success of Buckinghamshire’s creative industry. The strength in talent and technical ability of the creative sector has developed alongside the studios in the area for more than eight decades.

Marlow Film Studios will foster new local employment opportunities - generating over 4,000 new jobs. 2,000 of these will be technical and production roles, and another 2,000 will be created in the wider economy through the provision of adjacent services and goods.

In the first ten years of the studios it is expected that the site will generate £3.5bn of new investment in film and TV production, of which £1.5bn will be spent locally. We will invest in training for the next generation of creative talent, helping to secure the future of Buckinghamshire’s leading role in the global film and TV industry, and offering inspiring and rewarding opportunities for local people to build careers in the sector.

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Click to a video from Colin McGregor-Paterson, discussing opportunities for new jobs and levelling up among Bucks' disadvantaged communities

Who we are
The Marlow Studios management team draws on decades of experience in the film and TV industry, as well as expertise across real estate, design and environmental management.

We are a local team, and are passionate about the success of the British film industry and expanding opportunities for local people in the growing creative sector.
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Our planning application
A detailed planning application for our proposals was submitted to Buckinghamshire Council in May 2022, and was considered by the Strategic Sites Committee in October 2023.

The Committee elected to defer a decision on the application, pending further material to be provided. The next meeting of the Strategic Sites Committee will now take place in May 2024.
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Latest NEWS
CEO Robert Laycock reflects on the Prime Minister’s show of support for Buckinghamshire’s film and TV industry
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Rishi Sunak reacts to Marlow Film Studios as he promotes Buckinghamshire’s global film and TV prominence
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Britain's film industry is booming like never before
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Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Marlow Film Studios (ref: 22/06443/FULEA).

I am writing in support of the application for Marlow Film Studios, a film studio planned on former landfill next to the A404, within the parish of Little Marlow.

Despite the poor condition of the site, it is in the Metropolitan Green Belt. I understand that because of this designation, special reasons are needed for planning permission to be granted on this site. Looking objectively, I believe the positive benefits substantially overcome any negative issues.

Jobs and Careers

Providing sustainable jobs and careers are important for the long-term prosperity of any community. For local people, this should be a key determinant in judging the appropriateness of this application.

This project stands to be one of Bucks’ most meaningful investments in employment and local infrastructure. It is also a key to unlocking the potential in the local creative economy. Many of today’s young people are drawn to employment in this sector. This will be an iconic, world-leading facility that will attract other businesses to the area. For local people, particularly those of employment age, this project offers real hope for the longer term in providing investment into the local community.

Bucks’ global role

Marlow Film Studios will give Bucks and the UK a continuing competitive advantage, supported by local jobs and talent. The UK Government have recently reinforced this with a £10m contribution to the expansion to the National Film & Television School in Beaconsfield.

Bucks can truly lay claim to global leadership in the creative economy. But to underpin this, we need to develop the pipeline of local creative talent to tackle the skills shortage that the industry needs to address, particularly in technology. The Studios have made clear and costed commitments as part of their application. Embedded in their plans are strong links to the local educational community, bridging the industry, local talent, and the creative sector.


For local people, the Studios will also be close to one of the more culturally diverse parts of Buckinghamshire. Around 25% of High Wycombe’s population is from the non-White British community, including those of Indian, Afro-Caribbean, Pakistani heritage. The Studios’ partnerships with institutions such as Buckinghamshire College Group will provide access points to the creative economy for an under-represented diverse community as part of Wycombe’s regeneration challenge.

Environment and design

As to the buildings themselves, the Marlow Film Studios’ design puts great emphasis on providing a well-designed and landscaped environment with new cycle and walking routes. In the last 80 years, the site has seen considerable degradation from being a prisoner of war camp, mineral workings, the A404 construction, to the disposal of thousands of tons of landfill waste. The creation of new spaces improving wildlife and plant diversity is an exciting opportunity as part of this project.

Traffic and Transport

Being immediately off the A404 Westhorpe roundabout, the Studios also represent a rare chance to fund necessary upgrades to local transport constraints. The way the 50-year-old Westhorpe interchange operates causes increasing jams on the high-speed road with dangerous consequences. The Westhorpe improvements offered by the Studios will provide a better operating, safer network.

The transport proposals, prepared in discussion with Buckinghamshire Council, also improve connectivity. The creation of a new hub for fully funded new public bus services link to the Elizabeth Line and Wycombe for longer-distance journeys.


I accept that the construction of any major global facility comes with pluses and minuses, but in the case of the Marlow Film Studios I believe the strong benefits robustly and significantly outweigh the negative considerations, and so I strongly support the planning application.
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